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Wickford Town FC in the Community


11th November – Year 5/6 Boys Football Tournament

On Wednesday, the club facilitated a tournament organised by the School Sports Partnership for Year 5/6 Boys.

School teams representing Wickford, Billericay, Basildon and South Woodham took part in a round-robin style event, with a place in the County final up for grabs!

Despite the rapidly failing light, the games were completed, and a good time was had by all.

Many thanks to members of the U13 North team (Alfie Allen, Jamie Cox, Charlie Levey, Aaron Nelson, Nathan Smith, & Josh Walpole), as well as regular helpers from the U15s (Rob Lodge, Josh Hudson, Ryan Dunn, Luke Mackie, Sam Cook & Ben Carey-Burke) for supporting the event.


5th November – Year 3/4 Boys Football Festival

On Thursday, the club hosted teams from local schools Grange, North Crescent, Hilltop Juniors, Abacus and Oakfield at Bartlett Park, for the first Year 3 and 4 Football Festival.

Many of the schools brought two teams so the event was divided into the Amazing A Teams and the Brilliant B teams.

Matches were played with excellent sportsmanship and there was plenty of fun had by all the children.

The matches were managed and refereed by players from the U15 Age Group (Rob Lodge, Josh Hudson, Ryan Dunn, Luke Mackie, Sam Cook & Ben Carey-Burke), who worked extremely well with the children.
Finals results:

Amazing A Teams: 1st Abacus, Joint 2nd Hilltop Juniors and North Crescent.
Brilliant B Teams: 1st Abacus, 2nd North Crescent and 3rd Oakfield.

Abacus1     Abacus2

Winning teams pictured above.


15th October – Year 5/6 Boys Football Tournament

It was the Year 5/6 boys turn this week, as Bartlett Park hosted a Football Tournament for Wickford Schools this week.


Many thanks to the Rob Lodge, Josh Hudson, Ryan Dunn & Luke Mackie from the U15s for refereeing the matches.


6th October – Wickford Schools Cross-Country

Bartlett Park hosted a Wickford Schools Cross-Country competition this week.

Over 100 athletes from Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 took part in 8 exciting races.


The competition was run in great spirit, and it was fantastic to see so many Wickford youngsters enjoying the facility that Bartlett Park provides.

Many thanks to the U15s volunteers Rob Lodge, Josh Hudson, Ryan Dunn, Callum Ashdown, Ben Carey-Burke & Luke Mackie, for helping the event run so smoothly.


29th September – Year 5/6 Girls Football Tournament

Bartlett Park hosted a Girls Football Tournament for Wickford Schools this week.

Year 5/6 girls from four schools took part in their first friendly competition of the season, and had a great time.

IMG_2036   IMG_2034

IMG_2030   IMG_2031

Many thanks to the Rob Lodge and Josh Hudson from the U15s for refereeing the matches.