Wickford Town Subs. – 

The subs at Wickford Town is structured a bit different from other football clubs so here is a brief explanation of how it breaks down and why we work this way.

The reason we are structured like this is so the club can offer a consistiant level for all its teams for one amount with NO additional payments needed through the season.

All teams and players are treated the same and get the same facilities and training opportunities from the club.

For explaining the £200 subs its best to break it down in to 3 parts,

£120 is for running the club and covers all football related costs.
This include grass cutting and pitch lining for Bartlett’s, hiring pitches at the memorial park, all league registration fee, insurance, FA registration, crb checks, coaching courses, new footballs each season, squad trophies, home ref fees and numerous other cost. This part works out at £10 a month per player.

£40 per player for all year round training on 3G and at Bartlett’s during the summer, this includes all the goals and training equipment the teams can use. This part works out 80p a week per player.

The remaining £40 is put in the team funds for the manager to use for there own teams activities so this goes back to the players.

As you can see most, if not all the first 2 parts of the subs are fixed costs that the club need to cover as soon as you sign for the season. It doesn’t work out a cost per game as a big percentage of the fixed costs are the same if you play 1 game or 20 games.

The subs are set to cover the cost for all the players for the whole year not just the season or a number of games.

The Club is a charity and every penny we receive goes back into providing all the players with the best facilities for a safe and enjoyable football adventure.

Hope this helps.