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Age Chart 2018-2019

Until recently, this was a minefield of inconsistency and varied according to region and league rules. Now the FA have issued a ruling to ensure consistency of application across the whole country. Essentially the age group that a player joins is determined by his or her date of birth – this also mirrors the school year. The key date is 31st August and the chart below shows which age group applies for next season.


Age as of 31/08/2018 School Year in Sept 2018 Football Age Group for 2018/19 Season
Below 6 Year 1 Under 6
6 Year 2 Under 7
7 Year 3 Under 8
8 Year 4 Under 9
9 Year 5 Under 10
10 Year 6 Under 11
11 Year 7 Under 12
12 Year 8 Under 13
13 Year 9 Under 14
14 Year 10 Under 15
15 Year 11 Under 16


FA rules do permit a child to “Play Up” a year (an under 9 can play for under 10’s) but under no circumstances can a child play for the age group below.

As a club, Wickford Town require that, for any player wishing to play up a year, a consensus of agreement is reached between both age group managers, the childs parents and, of course the child themselves. We always try to consider what is best for the child, taking into account factors such as ability and physical development.

Any further questions can be answered either by age group managers (see the teams section for contact details) by football secretary Paul Brown.


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