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2014 - 2023



John and Terri Clark

For service to the club over the last 5 years and with very generous donations.



Richard Nevile, Paul Haine, Chris Evans

For services to the club over many years covering many committee roles and there involvement in the Bartlett Park Project.


Robert Lodge and Josh Hudson 

For raising the profile of the club in the local community, supporting all events the club had facilitated for local schools and offered advice and support to youngsters. A number of schools had written expressing their gratitude and asked that Robert and Josh be recognised.



Steve Amos 

Managed teams since 2008, he currently manages the U13, U14, U15 teams and runs marathons from which he raises funds for the club.



Paul Brown

Team manager 2002-2016, Football Secretary 2007-2016, WTFC website and Life-in-the-Cloud designer.



U18 Lions

A group of young men as they are now but they have been with the club for 12 years and in their final season at youth football only missed out on a clean sweep of winning all 4 competitions they entered by finishing runners up in The ECFA U18 County Cup. But winners in SDJSFL U18 Premier League, SDJSFL U18 League Cup, SDJSFL U18 League Trophy. They play as a team and they help out at club events and help train the little kickers.


Nick Pavitt

As an under 8's manager Nick had not long been part of the club before being presented with the 2022 Presidents Trophy. His instant commitment to the club and huge fund-raising efforts to kick start momentum for Bartlett Parks Development made a great impression. Raising over £5000 in his first 2 events, John Bartlett commended Nick and highlighted his future potential at the Club. 


Aaron Goodchild

Manager of our under 15's team Aaron was awarded the presidents cup for working hard with his his team to take them to the top of league where they gained a well deserved promotion.


1990 - 2013

Soccer ball on field

The “Chairman’s Cup” was introduced to the club in 1990 by the then Chairman (now President), John Bartlett.

The Trophy is awarded at the end of each season to an individual, group or team as special recognition for their efforts either on or off the pitch. Nominations may be proposed by any members of the club and a decision is made by the 4 key club officers.

In 1999, following the tragic and premature death of a member of the club’s under 14 squad, the trophy was renamed as the “Lewis Roche Memorial Trophy” as a lasting tribute to Lewis’s memory.

Winners of this prestigious award since 1990 have been

  • 1990 Daniel Norman (under 16’s)

  • 1991 James Fenn (Under 16’s)

  • 1992 Under 10’s squad

  • 1993 Ben Tonnison (Under 14’s)

  • 1994 Under 17’s squad

  • 1995 Under 10’s squad

  • 1996 Not awarded

  • 1997 James Neville

  • 1998 David Kadesh

  • 1999 Steve Hickey

  • 2000 Mark Huzzey

  • 2001 Under 9 “A” squad

  • 2002 Under 10 “B” squad

  • 2003 Alan Payne

  • 2004 Glenn Burton

  • 2005 Chris Barnes

  • 2006 Colin Stone, Team and Supporters

  • 2007 Colin Bennett

  • 2008 Under 12 B Squad

  • 2009 Dave Boakes

  • 2010 Tony Disley

  • 2011 Clive Lodge

  • 2012 U9 Age Group

  • 2013 Tony Silk

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