The FA have released a number of guidelines to help clubs start the process of returning in some form to the pitch. It is up to each individual club to make their own decisions about how and when to return based on a number of factors. Not only is a lot of preparation required for this return including extensive risk  assessments and physical adjustments but as a club we need to be confident that everyone will be as safe as possible.

We understand that everyones situation, opinion and position during this unprecedented time will be different and we want to make sure that we continue forward as a family and community ensuring everyones safety is of the upmost importance. Some of you will feel ready to return now and others will not feel comfortable coming back for some time yet and we want you to know we appreciate, understand and stand by everyones differing situation. 

For more specific details about plans moving forward and next steps please see below. If you still have any questions or concerns please either speak to your team manager or contact Clive - Club Chairman.


Training commenced on 4th July dependant on the situation of each individual team manager. There is no obligation for coaches, managers or players to return until they feel fully comfortable with the situation. Please contact your manager for confirmed details about your individual team training.

An extensive risk assessment has been under taken and it is a requirement that this assessment must be read, signed and given to the club or your team manager before returning to training. An updated version of the risk assessment has now been distributed following updates to FA guidelines. This must be read before continuing to attend training. There is no need to sign the updated version if you have already signed the original version.

The UPDATED risk assessment can be accessed here >

A summary of how training will work moving forward >


There is no confirmed date from the FA currently for when the new leagues will begin however, we hope this will be in September as usual. The registration process must still take place over the coming weeks and months so we are ready for when the start of the season does commence.


New players will need to register and existing members of a team can log in to check and update details ready for the new season.

Register & Update Details Here >


We appreciate that this year is different to others and we have therefore made some changes to the structure of subs to allow for this unique situation.


As you all know our club is a charitable association run by volunteers. We are lucky enough to have our own clubhouse and training/match grounds. With or without a league start date their are still registration, maintenance and insurance costs that will need to be covered for the club to continue to survive and we hope that you will stand by us and appreciate we still require this charitable donation to help keep the club operating.


£50 will initially be required at time of registration (Non-refundable)

A further £50 will be due when you as an individual returns to training and a further £100 when the league begins.



1. You MUST sign and return a copy of the RISK ASSESSMENT before you attend your first training session. If you have already returned to training and signed the original risk assessment you must read the UPDATED version.

2. If you are joining a team for the first time you will need to register online. If you are already a member of a team you can check your details are correct or make any changes to your details by logging into our registration system.

You can access both these links here >

3. You need to pay for your relevant instalment of subs via bank transfer. You can get bank details via your team manager.

Details about subs can be found here >


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