Following an extensive risk assessment Wickford Town Football Club was pleased to commence training on Saturday 4th July.

However, no player or coach will be judged or disadvantaged should they choose to opt out of training at this time and everyones choice is respected.

The full risk assessment can be accessed below and includes a detailed description of how training will be provided in a safe way following Government and FA guidelines. It also sets out your responsibilities and guidance that must be followed to ensure the safety of everyone. 

A copy of the risk assessment MUST be signed by an adult before returning to training. This risk assessment was updated with new procedures following updated FA guidelines to commence from 25th July. Please ensure you have read the updated risk assessment before continuing with training.

Please also find below a summary of how training will work, including the changes that will be made from 25th July.

Training Place and Time

1. All training will take place at Bartlett Park.

2. Youth football will train on Saturday mornings or Wednesdays evenings. Please contact your team manager for your allocated training time.

3. Adult football will train on Tuesday evenings.

4. Every team has been given a 1 hour training slot. Please arrive and leave promptly to avoid too much overlap with other teams coming and going.

5. Enter the field from the patio and leave via the grass drop down area. 

Training Set Up

1. From 25th July teams will train together as one group

2. Social distancing will still remain where possible during training.

3. From 25th July contact training and game related practices can take place but contact should be kept controlled and to a minimum.

4. Equipment will be limited to balls and cones and the Goalkeeper will wear their own gloves. 

5. A parent/carer will need to remain on site for the whole training session and will be responsible for the child during the training.

Health, Safety & Hygiene

1. Everyone is responsible for their own hygiene whilst on site and we would encourage you to bring your own sanitiser and use how you see fit. Please ensure you wash your hands before and after attending training.

2. Anyone with any symptoms of illness covid related or not must NOT attend training and you will be asked to leave if you show obvious symptoms of illness in any way.

3. Parents MUST respect social distancing when watching and within the car park area.

4. First aid can only take place by those who are FA First Aid trained and they will wear a mask and gloves.

5. The same equipment is used only for each team and will be sanitised by coaches in between sessions.

6. From 25th July the toilets will be open and cleaning equipment will be provided and must be used to clean yourself after each individual use.

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